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Powertec Basic Trainer (VKR)

Model: P-BT13
Manufactured by: Powertec Fitness

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The multi gripping access of the chin-up section is great for training the back and biceps, while the dipping and push-up station will work the chest, deltoids and triceps. The Powertec Basic Trainer P-BT10 locks your upper body in place with comfort when performing leg raises to develop the abdominals. Both stations incorporate convenient step up access when starting each exercise. A great body weight rack system for those who want to build muscle or just stay in shape.


Powertec Basic Trainer New design:
The new Powertec Basic Trainer now provides all of the exercises from the front side making the rack much more compact.

Powertec Basic Trainer Multiple gripping access:
Numerous grip positions are available to accomplish the different exercises. The chin-up section also incorporates a swivel straight bar for close grip training.

Powertec Basic Trainer P-BT13 Dimensions:


The Powertec Basic Trainer P-BT13 performs all of the following exercises!

  • Dips 
  • Leg Raises
  • Chin-Ups 
  • Push Ups 

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