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Cap Barbell Arm Blaster

Model: MAB-101
Manufactured by: Cap Barbell


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Product Description

Arm Blaster for Bicep Isolation Curls – Standing barbell curls are one of the most effective bicep exercises you can perform for gaining size and strength in the arms. Depending on the position and angle of your grip, barbell curls can be used to isolate the outer or inner heads. However, one of the biggest mistakes lifters make while performing the barbell curl is to allow the elbows to leave the side of the body and come out in front therefore firing the front delts in an effort to bring the weight up. Incorporating the front delts reduces the amount of resistance placed on the bicep muscle. Essentially, this is referred to as a “cheat curl”. The Arm Blaster, or “Bicep Blaster”, is one of the most effective tools in helping eliminate “cheat curls” by keeping the elbows properly positioned so that the upper arm remains at a 90 degree angle and the front delt is not incorporated into the movement. Arm Blasters are typically used with EZ-Curl bars or straight bars with either a 1” or 2” diameter sleeve. An Arm Blaster can also be used with dumbbells for standing isolation curls.

Arm Blaster Features:

  • Perfect for men and women
  • Ergonomic shape with high density foam to support the back of the upper arm
  • Reinforced nylon shoulder strap with neck pad
  • Dimensions: 23" L x 4" W x 4 H
  • Weight: 1.23 LB.
  • Sold in retail packaging.

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