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WaterRower Club (Rose & Black) w/S4 Monitor

Model: Club (Rose & Black)
Manufactured by: WaterRower

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The Water Rower rowing machine is unsurpassed in terms of design refinement. Its patented Water Flywheel design emulates rowing like no machine before it. Smooth, silent and storing conveniently upright, the Water Rower is perfect for any user and in any environment. The Water Rower's unique patented Water Flywheel has been designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water.

When rowing the workout is generated by overcoming the effect of drag as the boat moves through the water. So with the WaterFlywheel the workout is generated by overcoming the effect of drag as the water moves past the tank. When rowing faster you move the boat, the greater the drag and the greater the intensity of exercise required to maintain your speed. The limit to the speed you can maintain is you, your physiology. Not the machine. Because the Water Rower's precision sprag clutch engages the instant the handle is pulled there is no jerkiness or jarring at the beginning of the stroke.

The Water Rower's wooden frame also assists in dampening out any noise or vibration, there is no metallic clanking, just the soothing sound of running water, making the Water Rower the quietest rowing machine ever.

The WaterRower has been designed to optimize ease of storage. Simply lift one end and the machine stores conveniently upright in about the space of a dining room chair. The WaterRower's light wooden frame, the positioning of the WaterFlywheel close to the wheels, and the leverage effect provided by the rails, makes lifting almost effortless. When stored the WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel provides a low center of gravity making the machine very stable.

Designed with an obsession for detail, the Water Rower is unmatched by any other fitness equipment. The overriding design philosophy of the Water Rower has achieved "beauty by simplicity". Every detail has been resolved to compliment the overall appearance and performance of the machine.

The WaterRower Club is hand crafted in solid Ash and stained for color.

The WaterRower Club has been designed for High Traffic Areas such as Commercial Gyms, Studios, Rehabilitation Clinics, etc. Its Black Rails have been styled to prevent scuffing, other wooden components are finished in an attractive rosewood which are more resistant to soiling than the Natural model. Each machine has been hand finished with Danish Oil and Urethane for protection. Wood has been chosen due to its marvellous engineering properties, primary amongst these is its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the WaterRower's quietness and smoothness of use. Ash, like all woods used in WaterRower construction, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability. For reasons of ecology, all our woods are harvested from replenishable forests.


  • The Series 4 Performance Monitor has been designed to balance technical sophistication with user-friendliness.
  • The monitor has 6 information and programming windows, 6 QuickSelection buttons and 3 navigation buttons.
  • It displays workout intensity, strokerate, heartrate, zone bar, duration, and distance.
  • Compatible with the optional WaterRower Heart Rate Chest Strap and Receiver, the Series 4 Performance Monitor will allow you to optimize your workout, achieve your exercise objectives and encourage you to exercise regularly.
  • Optional WaterRower Heart Rate Chest Strap and Receiver available. 


  • Dimensions: 83in L x 21in W x 19in H
  • Product Weight: 117 lbs


  • Frame: 5 Years
  • Parts: 3 Years

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